Rise Phoenix Rise is participating in a cause marketing campaign with Funds2Orgs, an organization that partners with nonprofits to conduct shoe drives that both benefit the nonprofit and impoverished people of countries in Central America and Africa. The micro-enterprises help start, maintain and grow businesses so that these people can become more self-sufficient. Funds2Orgs pays the nonprofit partner per pound of shoes and then delivers the shoes to the other countries to be re-purposed. It is truly a win-win situation. As an added benefit, the shoes do not end up in the landfills which helps out the environment. So dig deep in your closets and give Rise Phoenix Rise a call to find a drop-off location for your gently used shoes!

We continue to look for a convenient and accessible location to hold weekly meetings, in the meantime we offer one-on-one peer support!

Looking for ways to volunteer? Rise Phoenix Rise has many different jobs that are just right for you. Give us a call.

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